All CC Python package versions consist of three distict numbers separated by . (e.g. "3.2.1") with a "${RED}.${CC}.${PACKAGE}" scheme.

RED Version

If you are working with a RED file in a specific version (e.g. "3"), you must install CC-Core with a matching RED version ("3.x.x") in your container image.

pip3 install --user cc-core>=3,< 4

CC Version

If you are using CC-Core with a specific RED, CC and PACKAGE version (e.g. "3.2.1") in your container image, you must use CC-FAICE or CC-Agency with matching RED and CC versions ("3.2.x").

pip3 install --user cc-faice>=3.2,<3.3
pip3 install --user cc-agency>=3.2,<3.3


The PACKAGE version is only for maintenance releases of individual packages, which do not break compatibility.