RED Execution Engines

A RED execution engine is a software, which executes an experiment based on a given RED file. Two execution engines are implemented by the Curious Containers project: the faice agent red command included in the CC-FAICE package and CC-Agency.

Both execution engines implement the docker and nvidia-docker Container Engines.

Use faice exec CLI tool to automatically invoke the engine specified in your RED file for execution.


Set execution.engine as ccfaicein your RED file, then use faice exec red.yml. This is equivalent to the following command.

faice agent red --debug --outputs red.yml

If you want more control over faice agent red you should invoke it directly.

Example Configuration

  engine: "ccfaice"
  settings: {}


Not available. Insert empty dict, for ccfaice engine settings.


Set execution.engine as ccagency, which allows faice exec to contact the CC-Agency Broker REST interface (${url}/red) to register the experiment on your behalf.

Example Configuration

  engine: "ccagency"
      url: ""
        username: "username"
        password: "password"
    retryIfFailed: True
    batchConcurrencyLimit: 8


Access Type Optional Default Description
access dict yes   REST interface access to register experiment
access.url string no   The base URL of the REST interface
access.auth dict yes   Authentication information
access.auth.username string no   Username
access.auth.password string no   Password
retryIfFailed boolean yes False Retry each batch once if the execution failed
batchConcurrencyLimit integer yes 64 Limit concurrently executed batches of given experiment