FAICE (Fair Collaboration and Experiments) is a CLI tool suite, providing a lot of functionality to users. The main functions are:

  • Implementing meta agents to launch corresponding CC-Core agents inside of Docker containers, which will then run the actual experiments defined in CWL or RED format.
  • Additional tools to convert, validate and export RED files.


Install python3-pip as system package. The following instructions work for Fedora 28, but instructions for other Linux distribution should be similar.

sudo dnf install python3-pip

It is recommended to install a specific version of cc-faice. This will automatically install the latest compatible version of cc-core.

pip3 install --user --upgrade cc-faice==5.4.0

Run CLI tool.

faice --version
faice --help

If this tool cannot be found, you should modify PATH (e.g. append ${HOME}/.local/bin) or fall back to executing the tools as Python modules.

python3 -m cc_faice --version


CC-FAICE implements two meta agents, cwl and red, which refer to the corresponding CC-Core agents. While the CC-Core agents execute an experiment directly, the CC-FAICE agents only work with Docker containers, where CC-Core has to be installed in the Docker image beforehand. A CC-FAICE meta agent will launch the corresponding CC-Core agent via Docker, which will then take over control to download input files, run the experiment and upload output files within the container.

Use the following CLI tools.

faice agent cwl --help
faice agent red --help